Commercial Installation and Maintenance

Main Electrical Service

Whether commercial or residential there are three main reasons to consider upgrading the electrical panel in your condo building, home or business:

Safety- Risk of fires (over 2000 fires/year in the US attributed to FPE)
Increased power demand
Difficult to buy and sell a property due to high insurance premiums.

If your property is serviced by FPE gear, Zinsco, or fuses contact us today to have your panel or electrical gear evaluated by our licensed electricians.

Office Lighting

DRG Electric Inc specializes in commercial and residential lighting. From high bays to offices to task lighting in your kitchen, our professionals will help you every step of the way. They will discuss such topics as energy consumption, illumination of the space, fixture solutions and convenience location for controllers and switches. Some of the lighting solutions available today are:

Compact Fluorescent
Metal Halide
High Pressure Sodium


Living in South Florida we all have had our share of candlelight dinners thanks to the widespread storms known to cause power outages that can last for days. DRG Electric can provide you a complete solution that will meet all the requirements of your home or business.In addition to initial install of a backup generator, DRG Electric can provide you with a preventative maintenance contract to assure that your generator will be ready to take over when the unexpected power outages occur. Should you want to discuss your options, size of generator and cost of this venture, do not wait till the storm is here. Contact us today today and make your appointment today.

Exterior Business Signs

DRG Electric Inc. offers full commercial services all the way down to your exterior business signs. Need your sign lit from the inside or do you need new lighting put in so your sign is never in the dark? We provide comprehensive electrical services for all your needs.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

If you are in the market for an electric vehicle or plug- in hybrid or already own one, DRG Electric can install an Electric Vehicle Service Equipment or (EVSE) in your home or office.An EVSE is an electrical device which allows the vehicle owner to connect the electric car to a 240-volt source of electricity . Some may look at this device and call it a charger, in fact most EV’s and PHEV’s have their own built in charger however the need for an EVSE is essential in order to safely plug in. Contact us today and get properly plugged in!