Safety Survey and Emergency Repairs

Panel Inspections

The electrical panel is the brain of your home or business electrical system. When an issue arises it could cause damage to the electrical items in your home or office. You can rest easier after your breaker box passes inspection by a state certified electrical contractor. Contact us today and make your appointment to have your panel inspected.If DRG Electric Inc upgrades your breaker box, we will repair it for free 2 years subsequent to the date of installation, provided that no other person has performed any electrical work during the two years.

Code Violations

DRG Electric Inc. is your friend and we are here to help you. We are not so interested as to “why” you find yourself in a sticky situation, we are more interested in rescuing you. Sometimes the previous owners received citations from code enforcement and the title company missed it. Some of these violations include:

Work without permit
Expired Permit

Emergency Permits

DRG Electric Inc. is your friend and we are here to help you. If you find yourself needing emergency repairs done to satisfy a code violation or other needs, we will work with you to pull the permit and get the job done quickly and with professionalism.

Permit Submittal and Approval
100% Financing with Approval

Load Calculations

When it comes to design services, drawings, calculations, and more, we can help you with services up to 600A. Above 600A, DRG Electric teams up with a local engineering firm to complete the electrical portion of your blueprints.


At DRG Electric Inc we pride ourselves in getting to the root of the problem in a timely manner. DRG Electric Inc finds technicians that exhibit the highest respect for the trade, our customers and quality. We know that almost anyone can be taught a skill, but not everyone can be taught values. Every job is completed with commitment in three areas: The National Electric code
Customer Satisfaction
DRG’s Code of Ethics