Commercial Upgrades

System Upgrades

Whether commercial or residential there are three main reasons to consider upgrading the electrical panel in your condo building, home or business:

Safety- Risk of fires (over 2000 fires/year in the US attributed to FPE)
Increased power demand
Difficult to buy and sell a property due to high insurance premiums.

If your property is serviced by FPE gear, Zinsco, or fuses contact us today to have your panel or electrical gear evaluated by our licensed electricians.


DRG Electric Inc specializes in commercial and residential lighting. From high bays to offices to task lighting in your kitchen, our professionals will help you every step of the way. They will discuss such topics as energy consumption, illumination of the space, fixture solutions and convenience location for controllers and switches. Some of the lighting solutions available today are:

Compact Fluorescent
Metal Halide
High Pressure Sodium

Overhead to Underground Conversions

Removing overhead lines across your yard is one of those improvements that is subtle yet very rewarding when enjoying your outdoor space. During this process DRG Electric Inc. provides the City with drawings and permit forms. We also coordinate a visit to your property with the Utility company engineer. We arrange for the local “Call before you dig” company in the area to visit the project and mark the grounds where existing utilities are buried. We then schedule digging a trench or missile bore the yard from your meter to the utility pole. We usually install the conduit for the service wires and send a secondary raceway for data or phone cables. Contact us today for an evaluation of your property.

Low Voltage

At DRG Electric we strive to be your one stop solution for all your power needs. In addition to installing all electrical wiring and panels at your home or business, we will also address your low voltage needs.Our electrical technicians will take your ideas and turn it into reality. Regardless of the complexity of the installation our experts are ready take on your project.

Some of the services that we offer are:

Data Services


Do you have a commercial building that needs to be electrically upgraded? Was your building built many years ago and not been upgraded? DRG Electric will provide you a free onsite consultation to review your current wiring and make recommendations for the future.